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Kitty Thomas - The King's Pleasure

The King's Pleasure - Kitty Thomas

** spoiler alert ** This review will contain some spoilers. You have been warned.

The book starts with King Niall being awoken to the sound of his guards attempting to cut the hand of Abby, a gypsy caught stealing bread from the palace. The king quickly saves her from the cruel fate, however, in exchange she must become his slave. Making her the first in his harem, which many women covet.

The story progresses with her learning how to serve in the Kings harem, and the proper way to please the King. Many other strange things are also expected of her, such as being shared with others as the King so wishes, and publicly preforming. Many disturbing things. There is also a little mention of bestiality at one point.

The book takes a very sharp turn towards the end, with King Niall thinking that Abby is using him, trying to do as all the women do and trick him, a psychological turn, if you will. He then punishes her, and she is forced to the prison until he realizes that she truly just wants to please him, and then it's instant love all over again. The end.

I feel like this story had a lot of potential, it seemed rushed almost. There were portions of the book that were wonderfully written, that left me wanting more, and continuing to read. However, those portions gave way to pages that seemed rushed, poorly written, and poorly edited. I feel like the background story should have been worked on a little more, seeing as how they had electricity, and running hot water, and such modern luxuries for the times it portrayed. It took away from it..

But I must close with the fact that it is most certainly worth a read! I picked this up on my Kindle for 0.99 and did not feel screwed!