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Disciplining the Duchess - Annabel Joseph

Disciplining the Duchess - Annabel Joseph

I honestly had a hard time getting through this book. It started out with a excellent story and great characters, but I think it tried to hard in the end.

The characters were very well done, and it was very easy to imagine some of the events. The banter between Court and Harmony adds a lot to the book as well. 

When things get hot and heavy later on in the book, it starts off very well. It has a romantic, playful feel. But then the book takes a darker, more psychological turn, I guess.. And that was what made me loose it. 

I WAS able to finish the book though, so that means it wasn't all bad. The characters were wonderful, the setting was done very well, and the dialog was great. I just didn't like how the plot worked. I think it was trying to hard.