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Enchanted Again by Nancy Madore

Enchanted Again - Nancy Madore


I found this in a used bookstore for a really good deal, and quickly grabbed it up. I had read the first one a few years ago and enjoyed it very much! However, I did not feel the same about this one. This is the first DNF for me in a very long time.



This story is a collection of short erotic stories based on fairytales. I did not recognize hardly any of the fairytales, so I cannot say how well they were based off of them. I think I made it to the fifth story, and decided to return it in for credit to get something worth my time. Now, this may sound harsh, but I was very disappointed after the excellent work in the first.



I had a few problems with this book, the first being the fact that these are supposed to be erotic stories, there is much to be desired. Most of these stories had me cringing or thinking to myself "WTF!?".



The second issue I had was that a lot of things were described the same way over, and over, and over. I cannot really call exact wording, but the same phrases were used very often.



However I can say that one of the things that kept me reading for so long was the WTF factor, I would not buy this book if you are looking for a sexy retelling of fairytales. I would instead read it if you want some dark WTF moments of reading.