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A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James

A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James

This was the first book I have ever read by Eloisa James and it will <i>not</i> be my last! I picked this book of mostly because of the beautiful cover. But the promises of a fairy tale retelling had me intrigued as well! ^_~


The story begins with Kate (Cinderella), Victoria (The not-so-wicked stepsister), and of course a wicked step mother. Kate has been living quite a hard life after her father passed away, whilst her mother and step sister are living the fine life. Her sister suffers a very visible ailment, and Kate is forced to take on the role of Victoria.


Under the disguise of Victoria, Kate forms a relationship with the Prince Gabriel (Prince Charming), whom is already promised to someone. The story takes its course from there, and makes for a tear jerking read. But all is well in the end.


I loved this book because, to me, it was described very well. One of my main problems with historical romance is that there isn't enough there to help me imagine that time period. However this one made me feel like I had traveled back in time!


Most of the characters had good development. It's not that other characters did not, I just felt like there was some left to be desired. That there could have been more of a background given for some. Not that they were poor characters, I just felt like more could have been done.


All in all this was a delightful read that I had a hard time putting down! I have almost no time to read with my busy schedule, so the fact that I finished this book in less than a week is amazing! I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical romance, or fairy tale retellings.