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Reviews of my various journeys with erotica and romance novels.

Disciplining the Duchess - Annabel Joseph

Disciplining the Duchess - Annabel Joseph

I honestly had a hard time getting through this book. It started out with a excellent story and great characters, but I think it tried to hard in the end.

The characters were very well done, and it was very easy to imagine some of the events. The banter between Court and Harmony adds a lot to the book as well. 

When things get hot and heavy later on in the book, it starts off very well. It has a romantic, playful feel. But then the book takes a darker, more psychological turn, I guess.. And that was what made me loose it. 

I WAS able to finish the book though, so that means it wasn't all bad. The characters were wonderful, the setting was done very well, and the dialog was great. I just didn't like how the plot worked. I think it was trying to hard.

A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James

A Kiss at Midnight - Eloisa James

This was the first book I have ever read by Eloisa James and it will <i>not</i> be my last! I picked this book of mostly because of the beautiful cover. But the promises of a fairy tale retelling had me intrigued as well! ^_~


The story begins with Kate (Cinderella), Victoria (The not-so-wicked stepsister), and of course a wicked step mother. Kate has been living quite a hard life after her father passed away, whilst her mother and step sister are living the fine life. Her sister suffers a very visible ailment, and Kate is forced to take on the role of Victoria.


Under the disguise of Victoria, Kate forms a relationship with the Prince Gabriel (Prince Charming), whom is already promised to someone. The story takes its course from there, and makes for a tear jerking read. But all is well in the end.


I loved this book because, to me, it was described very well. One of my main problems with historical romance is that there isn't enough there to help me imagine that time period. However this one made me feel like I had traveled back in time!


Most of the characters had good development. It's not that other characters did not, I just felt like there was some left to be desired. That there could have been more of a background given for some. Not that they were poor characters, I just felt like more could have been done.


All in all this was a delightful read that I had a hard time putting down! I have almost no time to read with my busy schedule, so the fact that I finished this book in less than a week is amazing! I would highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical romance, or fairy tale retellings.

Enchanted Again by Nancy Madore

Enchanted Again - Nancy Madore


I found this in a used bookstore for a really good deal, and quickly grabbed it up. I had read the first one a few years ago and enjoyed it very much! However, I did not feel the same about this one. This is the first DNF for me in a very long time.



This story is a collection of short erotic stories based on fairytales. I did not recognize hardly any of the fairytales, so I cannot say how well they were based off of them. I think I made it to the fifth story, and decided to return it in for credit to get something worth my time. Now, this may sound harsh, but I was very disappointed after the excellent work in the first.



I had a few problems with this book, the first being the fact that these are supposed to be erotic stories, there is much to be desired. Most of these stories had me cringing or thinking to myself "WTF!?".



The second issue I had was that a lot of things were described the same way over, and over, and over. I cannot really call exact wording, but the same phrases were used very often.



However I can say that one of the things that kept me reading for so long was the WTF factor, I would not buy this book if you are looking for a sexy retelling of fairytales. I would instead read it if you want some dark WTF moments of reading.


Kitty Thomas - The King's Pleasure

The King's Pleasure - Kitty Thomas

** spoiler alert ** This review will contain some spoilers. You have been warned.

The book starts with King Niall being awoken to the sound of his guards attempting to cut the hand of Abby, a gypsy caught stealing bread from the palace. The king quickly saves her from the cruel fate, however, in exchange she must become his slave. Making her the first in his harem, which many women covet.

The story progresses with her learning how to serve in the Kings harem, and the proper way to please the King. Many other strange things are also expected of her, such as being shared with others as the King so wishes, and publicly preforming. Many disturbing things. There is also a little mention of bestiality at one point.

The book takes a very sharp turn towards the end, with King Niall thinking that Abby is using him, trying to do as all the women do and trick him, a psychological turn, if you will. He then punishes her, and she is forced to the prison until he realizes that she truly just wants to please him, and then it's instant love all over again. The end.

I feel like this story had a lot of potential, it seemed rushed almost. There were portions of the book that were wonderfully written, that left me wanting more, and continuing to read. However, those portions gave way to pages that seemed rushed, poorly written, and poorly edited. I feel like the background story should have been worked on a little more, seeing as how they had electricity, and running hot water, and such modern luxuries for the times it portrayed. It took away from it..

But I must close with the fact that it is most certainly worth a read! I picked this up on my Kindle for 0.99 and did not feel screwed!


Alison Tyler - Cuffed: Three Tales of Erotic Bondage

Cuffed: Three Tales of Erotic Bondage - Alison Tyler, Sommer Marsden, Sophia Valenti

** spoiler alert ** First off, let me say I am so happy I borrowed this instead of buying it. It was really hard finding anything 'erotic' about these stories, just because of the way they are written. I don't even remember the titles of the stories, that is how much it stuck with me. This review will contain spoilers, you have been warned.



The first story was about anonymous sex, which creeped me out to the point of almost stopping, but the way it presented it was also so humorous I had to keep reading.



The second story was just.. I have no words it was so silly. It involved a young couple, the male being the typical bad boy, but he has a twist! He knits! How hipster, I had to laugh. Anyway, he knits her something for the bedroom..



The third story was this books only redeeming quality. It involved a married couple, some role playing, and light BDSM. Still more funny at points than erotic, but the good parts were well written.